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SAR Coatings LLP is a Green Field Project established in the year 2016, Gurgaon. We at SAR, are keen to provide CED coating & Alkaline Trivalent Zinc plating services. It’s a matter of pride to announce that M/s MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITED has nominated SAR Coatings LLP as a Potential Supplier for Zinc Plating for one of their first time.

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To Make SAR “ Choice of Customers” To Make SAR “ Choice of Customers” To Make SAR “ Choice of Customers”

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To Deliver products and services to customers with superior performance in speed, Quality and cost by adopting best practices and work ethics.

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SService Excellence


RRespect for the Individual

SService Excellence



As the world’s population is increasing and urbanization expands, more infrastructure, buildings, and transportation systems are being constructed resulting in a remarkable growth in metal demands around the globe. But this rapid enlargement is also increasing industrialization in many countries which has also led to increased pollution and climate changes. And when metals are exposed to these environmental elements like water, moisture, oxygen, and certain chemicals, they undergo corrosion, resulting in gradual breakdown of metal. For Example, when iron corrodes, it forms iron oxide, commonly known as rust. The formation of these corrosion products weakens the metal’s integrity and can lead to further deterioration if not addressed.

And Cathodic Electro Deposition (CED) Coating is a widely chosen method for protecting against corrosion due to its effectiveness, versatility, and cost-efficiency. CED Coating is also known as ED Coating (Electrophoretic Deposition), Ecoat (Electro Coating). CED coating or ED Coating or Ecoat has swiftly gained a remarkable presence in market especially automobile due to its ability to deliver a smooth finish while offering exceptional corrosion resistance properties making it highly efficient and environmentally friendly process used to apply a protective coating to metal surfaces. Notably, this environmentally-friendly process proves to be highly suitable for applications subject to harsh environmental conditions and stringent functional requirements. One of the most advantageous aspects of CED Coating Services is its homogeneous nature, making it applicable to a wide range of materials such as Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminium, and even Zinc Plated components.

We at SAR Coatings specializes in providing best in class CED Coating Services for a wide range of industries with any thickness requirement. SAR takes immense pride in our incorporation of top-of-the-line machinery and for using globally renowned chemicals which also helps in building a sustainable future by having a compliance of ELV, REACH and ROHS specifically tailored to meet the demanding needs of our valued customers. With advanced technology and expertise.

Our team of professionals, equipped with fully automatic advanced machinery, ensures precise and uniform top coat application. This results in excellent adhesion and coverage, even on complex shapes such as recessed areas, edges, and corners of metal surfaces.


  • Highest Corrosion Protection Value
  • Excellent throwing power thus ensuring uniform coating
  • Smooth Surface Finish
  • Uniform coating on all types of metal
  • Guarantee Reliable Protection


ED stands for Electrophoretic Deposition, which is a coating process that uses electrical attraction to deposit a paint or coating onto a conductive surface.

CED stands for Cathodic Electrodeposition, which is a type of electrophoretic deposition where the coating is applied to the surface when it is negatively charged and immersed in a paint bath.

ED/ CED coating involves immersing the conductive object in a bath of paint or coating material. When an electrical charge is applied, the paint particles migrate and adhere to the surface of the object due to the opposite electrical charge between the object and the paint.

ED/ CED coatings offer excellent corrosion resistance, uniform film thickness distribution, and high-quality coverage even on complex shapes. They also provide a more environmentally friendly coating option compared to some traditional methods.

ED/ CED coatings are commonly used in industries like automotive, appliances, electronics, and various metal finishing applications where corrosion protection and consistent coating thickness are essential.

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